Mal-Tangfish-African Cichlids            
fish from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika                                                                     

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  We maintain and breed African cichlids from the Rift Valley Lakes. I have been keeping this type of cichlid since 1970, and at this location in Southeastern Mass. since 1980. Currently stocking over 80 species with 50+ breeding. These are housed in tanks that total 2500 gal.
  Pictures of stock can be viewed at this link,
This site has pics of breeders, juvies, and a page of the actual fry and other fish that are for sale. 

  Fish for breeding stock comes from several different importers and breeders to combine with my stock.  All efforts are made to produce a good strain of fish. I never strip the eggs from the brooding females. At appox. 14 days of brooding the females are moved to a seperate tank where they stay untill fry release. Then the females are moved to a conditioning tank. Many of the fish are in species only tanks, where the brooding females are not removed and the fry are released into the colony, free range.
  I am not saying these methods are any better than any others. Just that this is what I do.

Fish are fed a combination of flake and pellet foods. Kens flake and pellet
                                                                             New Life Spectrum pellet

   Orders can be placed by e-mail. Once an order is placed we will confirm the availability of stock and contact you for payment and shipping.
Shipping is done on a monday or tuesday. Check shipping page for more details.

  We are located 50 miles from Boston, 15 miles from Providence, depending on distance and order, a delivery may be arranged.

  I hope we have the fish you want, if not now, maybe later. But please take a look at and enjoy the fish. Thanks.
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